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Simon Price, 2011So, I've done that slightly cringey David Brent-like thing of interviewing myself. Here we go...

Q: Will you write for my magazine/website/other publication for free?

A: Almost certainly not. I'm a freelance journalist and I need to pay the bills. Any time, energy and creativity spent working for free is time, energy and creativity that would be better-spent actually earning my living. Also, as an NUJ member, I'm obliged to point out that anyone who does write for free is part of the problem, driving down wages for the rest of us. (Paid work, however, is always welcome.)

Q: Will you appear on my radio programme/TV documentary?

A: Probably, yeah. I enjoy doing that sort of thing, as long as it's a subject I'm comfortable talking about. (And you know what, it really makes a pleasant change when I'm asked to talk about stuff that ISN'T the Manics, or otherwise Wales-related...) Send me an email and let's talk about it.

Q: Will you listen to my band?

A: If you really, honestly think I'd like it, and you aren't just bombarding every music journalist you can think of, sure. Writing a few attention-grabbing lines, to make me sit up and take notice and to differentiate yourselves from the mass of generic stuff I get sent, wouldn't do any harm. I'd prefer a digital format (eg Soundcloud or Youtube) if possible, as I'm trying to de-clutter my life of surplus CDs.

Q: I'd like to become a music journalist. How do I go about it?

A: My first, and only semi-facetious answer is "DON'T. The money's crap and there's no future in it." If that doesn't put you off, my next answer is "Take it for all you can, enjoy the ride for five years or so, but make sure you have a get-out strategy and for heaven's sake don't get stuck in it for as long as me". The specifics of starting out are fairly obvious (write a blog or write for a student paper, read anthologies of some of the 'greats' for stylistic tips, remember that for all the technical skills you can learn academically the best practice for writing is still writing, and when your work's good enough, send it to a reviews editor). I give a standard hour-long lecture on this subject at unis and colleges, when asked.

Q: Is that your real hair?

A: Yes. Except when it isn't.

Q: Are you trying to look like the bloke from The Prodigy?

A: No I'm not. This is just the latest in a long line of stupid hairstyles (man alive, I could show you pictures...), and Keith Flint wasn't the first person to rock the devil-horn look anyway. If anything, I'm ripping off Seventies punk icon Soo Catwoman (as, I suspect, is Keith). I met Soo once, and admitted it to her. She said "At least you're doing it well..."

Q: How long does it take?

A: About half an hour, and half a can of Shock Waves.

Q: Do you think Richey Edwards is still alive?

A: I respect any intelligent and informed opinion on that. Even though he has been legally declared dead, I'll accept most theories (short of alien abduction). The one thing I believe is that his original intention was not to die, only to escape. (The clues being the money he took out of his bank account, and the fact that his car, when found, had clearly been lived in.) After that, the trail goes cold. It's surprisingly easy to go missing and start a new life, should you so desire (and, in the pre-digital Nineties, it was easier still.) Obviously, what I'd like to imagine is that he's happy somewhere. But it's been a long, long time.

Q: Are you ever going to update your Manics book?

A: Watch this space.

Q: Will you DJ my wedding/birthday/launch party?

A: If I'm available, if we can work out a suitable music policy (I'm very versatile), and if we can agree a fee, then maybe! Send me an email and let's talk about it.

Contact: simon_price01@hotmail.com

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